The Weekend Leader - Richa Chadha's Trump tweet evokes mixed reactions

Richa Chadha's Trump tweet evokes mixed reactions



 Bollywood actress Richa Chadha on Thursday tweeted her approval to the impeachment of President Donald Trump by the US Congress, which won praise from her fans but disapproval from others.

She wrote on her Twitter handle @RichaChadha: "Was depressed all day yesterday, on my b'day... due to what's happening, didn't celebrate... slept in. But just woke up to hear that an orange, "p***y-grab" bragger has been impeached! Thank you God, that's a delightful present! I'll take that!"

The post got 114 retweets and 935 likes.

One fan wrote: "Ma'am, my sweet ma'am. How are you?"

Another posted: "Happy birthday... that was a b'day gift from America...."

"Result of a robust Constitution and institutions, unlike ours," remarked a fan.

Others were not amused. One Twitter user wrote: "And you are so interested in the affairs of the US??? There are a lot of issues to sort out here. Or just there to grab international attention Miss Chadha??"

One user wrote: "Do more retweets today to not feel depressed. No one has such bad luck as you to feel depressed on birthday; it reflects what social surrounding you have close to you."

One post read: "He ain't going anywhere!!! The Republicans have the Senate... he will be POTUS again !!!"IANS 

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