CAA: Cong slams internet shut down, imposing section 144

New Delhi


Amid crackdown by police on the protestors opposing the Citizen Amendment Act (CAA), the Congress has criticised the decision to shut down the internet services in the National Capital.

Congress has issued a statement, saying: "It is the democratic right of every citizen to protest peacefully against the government. Imposing #Section144 and internet shutdowns are draconian measures to muzzle citizens by a government that is terrified of hearing what Indians have to say. The BJP should be ashamed."

The Congress which has opposed the CAB and now the CAA has been accused by the BJP of instigating the protests across the country. On Thursday, the police have detained Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit at Mandi House who said that he will come again to protest.

Talking to IANS Sandeep Dikshit said: "The police crackdown is uncalled for as police is working on the direction of the Union Government and is trying to suppress the dissenting voices, but the government has failed on it as more people are coming out on the streets to oppose the anti-people and the divisive CAA."

The party is at the forefront of the agitation against the CAA and scores of its leaders have approached the Supreme Court against the CAA.IANS