The Weekend Leader - Major accident averted at Goa airport: Navy

Major accident averted at Goa airport: Navy



A major accident was averted involving the SpiceJet flight SG 3568 from Surat to Goa at Goa's Dabolim international airport, the Indian Navy said on Tuesday.

"The SpiceJet flight was on final approach for landing at Goa international airport when the runway controller Ramesh Tigga noticed that the nose landing gear was not deployed," the Indian Navy said in a statement here.

"The runway controller immediately alerted the ATC tower where the on-duty air traffic controller, Lt. Cdr. Harmeet Kaur informed the incoming aircraft to abort the landing and make a second attempt after a 'go-around'," the statement also said.

The second attempt too proved unsuccessful and the front landing gear was partially deployed only on the third attempt.

"The flight landed safely under assistance of emergency and safety services to recover the aircraft," the statement said.

The alert action of Naval Air Traffic and Safety Services prevented the SpiceJet flight and all its passengers from a major accident at the Goa airfield.

In a statement SpiceJet said that all emergency services were activated and the pilot executed a precautionary landing, as per "standard operating procedure".

"During approach, when the landing gear was selected to down position, the nose landing gear door's amber light remained on. Hence, the pilot carried out a precautionary 'go around'. The pilot suspected that the nose landing gear was not fully down and locked. He informed ATC and requested for 'visual check' of his nose landing gear. He flew past the ATC for 'visual check'. ATC conveyed that the nose landing gear was not down," the statement said.

Goa's only airport at Dabolim functions out of an Indian Navy base INS Hansa and is used for military as well as civilian traffic.

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