Twitterati trill admiration on bird-squirrel pic

New Delhi


A picture of a sunbird perched on a mushroom while facing a bushy-tailed squirrel, tweeted by an IFS officer, wowed the Twitterati on Tuesday.

The officer posted the picture and wrote: "A squirrel and a bird having conversation over a mushroom. This picture by Vadim Trunov is so soothing. Like from other world !! Isn't it?"

The post got 1.4K retweets and 6.3K likes.

The officer said through another tweet that the picture was taken in Voronezh in Russia in October 2017.

One wonder-struck user wrote: "A page out of a fairy tale."

Another remarked: "A bit like Enid Blyton's Enchanted Woods."

"Is this even a picture for real ! OmyGod. Love this," read one post.

"Every animal knows its place in the world, except human," remarked one user.

"Yes, especially when one (me) is a big-time fan of squirrels... I can simply sit and watch them for hours," said one user.

One user had a story of his own to tell: "The bird seems to be angry as the squirrel makes a mocking face as he holds that mushroom. Haha... soothing indeed ... good post."IANS