The Weekend Leader - 30-year-old becomes victim of mob lynching in Kerala

30-year-old becomes victim of mob lynching in Kerala



 In a gruesome case of mob lynching, a 30-year-old succumbed to injuries suffered when he was brutally attacked by a mob, here, said the police.

The shocking incident took place last week when the 30-year-old Ajesh was beaten brutally by a group of auto rickshaw drivers on the ground that he stole a mobile phone and some cash. He succumbed to his injuries on Monday.

Ajesh was beaten and brutalised by the mob at his house when a hot metal object was placed on his stomach and genital, after he denied that he committed the theft.

Unable to bear the pain, he managed to flee but collapsed just a few feet away from his house and it was the police who admitted him to the Medical College hospital, last Wednesday.

The Thiruvallam police, now has taken four auto drivers and the neighbour of Ajesh into custody.IANS 

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