The Weekend Leader - Hit the brakes on FASTag: Twitterati

Hit the brakes on FASTag: Twitterati

New Delhi


As the Centre again extended the deadline for the implementation of the FASTag payments system at toll plazas across India, Twitter users on Sunday griped over the hiccups they were facing or were likely to face.

#FASTag trended with 1,046 tweets.

One user posted a picture of a long queue of vehicles at a toll plaza and wrote: "And wow! This is what #fastag does... it was for decreasing traffic on toll booths while doing the completely opposite." He tagged Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and @PMOIndia.

One user had a funny take on the system: "On a lighter note, after introduction of bank accounts-linked fastag system, now when your friend borrows your car, you will have to bear not only fuel cost, but toll cost also."

One user posted: "Please, we should not focus on deadlines, but keep 25 per cent differential in toll fee. India is very price senstive market, 75 per cent vehicles will gradually shift very soon to fastag. Then implement the deadline and 100 increase in fine for violations."

One user was angry with his bank for not issuing him the FASTag: "Applied for two fastags in the last week of November. Haven't heard from you since. Either deliver the fastag or refund the money."

One post read: "I got one. But the issue of fastag is one example to prove how insensitive, indifferent, and irresponsible the government is. It's not that easy to get a tag, get a wallet attached to it and transfer money to that account. Huge scope for cyber criminals to hack into accounts."

FASTag employs Radio Frequency Identification technology to make toll payments directly from prepaid or savings accounts linked to it to the toll franchise.

It is aimed at cutting down on the time wasted in long queues at toll booths on national highways.IANS 

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