The Weekend Leader - Twitterati joke about clip on Putin bathroom use

Twitterati joke about clip on Putin bathroom use



A video of Russian President Vladimir Putin exiting a bathroom while accompanied by six grim-looking bodyguards during the Ukraine peace talks at the Elysee Palace has left social media users amused.

The 67-year-old Russian leader was seen leaving the bathroom after five of the bodyguards made sure his surroundings were safe.

Another bodyguard followed him as he left the toilet.

A user posted a picture of the incident and wrote: "From Russia With Loo-ve: Vladimir Putin is accompanied by six bodyguards while going to the bathroom during Ukraine peace talks at the Elysee Palace."

A user remarked: "Putin plays bathroom games, bringing a coterie of no less than six bodyguards to ensure his pee-time safety."

"Clearly a worried and frightened President," read a sarcastic comment.

One user came out in Putin's support: "I can understand: In the presence of criminals, bodyguards are better with you for safety...."

One user remarked: "1999 -- Putin promises to kill terrorists even in toilets. 2019 -- Putin goes to the toilet with 6 bodyguards."

One Twitter user posted a clipping of Putin asking one of his bodyguards to move out of a video camera that is focused on him: "Hey, watch out man! #Putin moves bodyguard from blocking the camera."IANS 

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