New dish gets Twitter responses dripping in humour

New Delhi


 Foodies love to experiment with what they eat, though it may not go well for others.

A Twitter user's idea of eating a 'gulab jamun' stuffed in a 'paav' has got funny responses from other users.

One user posted a picture of the famous Bengali sweet stuffed into a loaf of Indian bread and wrote: "Open for surprise".

It got 44 retweets and 177 likes, with users posting memes or clearly disapproving of the combination.

One user pleaded: "Don't spoil vadapav...."

One user wished to know the name of the new dish: "Ghulab jamun-vada?"

Another user suggested a name: "Gulab vada".

One Twitter user pointed out: "Now this is called 'dabaa ke khana'."

One user was pleased with the suggestion: "This isn't a bad combo actually! Would love to try this sometime!"

"I'll take 4 please. Thanks," read one post.IANS