Twitterati not amused over BJP MP's Sanskrit claim

New Delhi


A day after BJP MP Ganesh Singh claimed in Parliament that speaking Sanskrit kept diabetes and cholesterol at bay, Twitterati posted sarcastic and funny responses.

One user said: "He failed to mention that those who take his words seriously will likely have a nervous breakdown...."

"Is this the qualification to get a party ticket? They have made Lok Sabha a 'Joke Sabha'," posted another user.

A netizen wrote: "At least this is bearable when compared to Christian missionaries claiming a CD can cure serious ailments".

A user commented: "So please share the names of your relatives and loved ones who are cured of diabetes, blood pressure."

One Twitter user wrote: "If MP Ganesh believes it, then let him speak in Sanskrit till his diabetes and cholesterol is controlled. We too will try. No problem. Anything is better than having diabetes and high cholesterol."

One post read: "Ha ha! Tell that to our Sanskrit professor who is suffering from high diabetes and cholesterol!!!"IANS