Delhi schools to teach boys not to misbehave with females

New Delhi


Delhi government schools will soon make its male students take a pledge to behave properly with the opposite gender, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced on Friday.

Speaking at an event, Kejriwal said the schools will teach the students not to misbehave with females. He emphasised that the ladies in the family too need to speak about the same with the boys.

"We have decided that in all schools, we will get boys to take a pledge that they will never misbehave with any girl," Kejriwal said.

Earlier this month, Kejriwal had said in the Delhi Assembly that the government or police cannot only be blamed for the crimes against women.

"We should also see what has been done to the mentality of men, boys. The Delhi schools should do something to make young boys sensitive. Only police and government cannot do this. The society should change," Kejriwal said, as he asked Education Minister to take a note of it.IANS