The Weekend Leader - Las Vegas pigeons in cowboy hats evoke Twitter mirth

Las Vegas pigeons in cowboy hats evoke Twitter mirth

Los Angeles


A video clipping of several pigeons wearing tiny cowboy hats in a Las Vegas parking lot has been amusing Twitterati. The clipping posted by a media house has received 308.9K views, with 1K retweets and 2.8K likes.

One user wrote: "Ok, but can we call them CooBoys?" Another netizen wrote: "I just saw a scorpion wearing a bandana."

Even as an animal rights group said it was looking for the birds, one user tweeted, "That's hilarious! They don't even seem to be bothered."

Another user posted a meme of a pigeon wearing earphones and shaking its head. He wrote: "Cowboy up fellas Garth Brooks playing next!"

One post read: "Maybe, they're strong, independent pigeons who bought their own d*mn hats. Don't assume."

"At least they're not wearing 'Make America Great' hats in the parking lot," read another post. One user commented: "Hey, what happens in Vegas, strays in Vegas?"

Many Tweeple also expressed concern over the well-being of the birds. One user commented: "I bet they are using superglue." "Exactly. People think this is funny but it's cruel," replied another user.IANS 

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