The Weekend Leader - Twitter hails SC dismissing Ayodhya review pleas

Twitter hails SC dismissing Ayodhya review pleas

New Delhi


As the Supreme Court on Thursday dismissed the review petitions that challenged its November 9 verdict in the Ayodhya title dispute case, #Ayodhyaverdict trended on Twitter with users by and large supporting the development.

While some tweets were critical of the Supreme Court order, most were in support. There were a few memes also to mock those not happy with the November 9 ruling. The hashtag got 4,193 tweets.

One user wrote: "Dismissal of the Ayodhya review petitions by the Supreme Court is a welcome move. The country had already accepted the historic verdict, paving the way for a grand temple at Sri Ram Janmabhoomi."

Another remarked: "The dismissal of the review petitions is a slap on the face of all those fringe groups & leaders of opposition who wanted to make a meal out of a legally solid verdict. The fact that there was no violence post verdict only showed that people had accepted and moved on."

One post read: "All review petitions of Ayodhya verdict dismissed by the Supreme Court. Will the lobby now put a final closure to the Ayodhya dispute or do they still want the nation splintered on religious lines?"IANS 

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