The Weekend Leader - Multi-millionaire lotto winner buys second-hand car

Multi-millionaire lotto winner buys second-hand car



A builder, who along with his wife became multi-millionaires after a lotto win, has treated himself to a second-hand car, a media report said.

Steve Thomson, 42, said flashy motors were "waste of money". He continues to work as a builder to complete pending works because it makes him "feel normal", Mail Online reported.

He and his wife Lenka, 41, have only bought a pre-owned car ever since their ticket won them 105,100,701.90 pounds (about Rs 966 crore or $135 million) on the 25th anniversary of the National Lottery's first draw on November 19.

Steve and Lenka, from Selsey in West Sussex, are the ninth-biggest winner in the history of the National Lottery.

Earlier, Steve was pictured along with a friend carrying boxes and driving in his old van to work.

A father of three, Steve said he would not be giving up his job as a builder immediately.

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