Conditions favourable for onset of monsoon: IMD



The India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Monday evening said that conditions were becoming favourable for the onset of the southwest monsoon over Kerala around June 5.

The weather department said during the last 24 hours, the wind has become stronger and there has been an increase in rainfall over the Lakshadweep area and southern parts of peninsular India.

"Persistence of convection indicates that conditions are becoming favourable for the onset of south west monsoon over Kerala around June 5," the IMD said in its evening update.

On Monday, most parts of Kerala received rain and the temperature also came down, compared to the previous days.

The IMD had earlier forecast that the south-west monsoon was likely to set over Kerala on May 30, with a model error of plus or minus four days.

Speaking to IANS, IMD director here K.Santhosh said the announcement about monsoon arrival would be made from New Delhi.

"To declare that the monsoon has arrived in Kerala, the data recorded at the 14 weather stations located at Lakshadweep, Kerala and in Mangalore are being closely monitored," said Santhosh.

There are other aspects also to be monitored before one could say monsoon has arrived, he added.

The officials monitor the rain starting May 10. If 60 percent or more of the stations record 2.5 mm of the rain for two days continuously, it meets the criteria that monsoon has arrived.

Another yardstick that the IMD looks at is the strength of the wind.

Cloud movements are also a key indicator for the weathermen when it comes to announcing the monsoon. - IANS