The Weekend Leader - Delhi govt to extend Ashram flyover up to DND

Delhi govt to extend Ashram flyover up to DND

New Delhi


The Delhi Cabinet on Thursday approved a proposal for extending the existing Ashram flyover up to DND to provide relief from traffic congestion, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said.

"The extension of the flyover will fulfil a three-fold objective: it will do away with the narrow stretch and the choke-point between the Ashram-DND Flyway, decrease the travel time between Noida and Ashram, and decongest the Ashram flyover, one of the busiest in the city," Kejriwal said.

"A proposal has been passed by the PWD to extend the Ashram flyover up to DND Flyway. The extension project will be completed within one year. The total project expenditure is Rs 128 crore. The decision will lead to decongestion of the Ashram crossing and nearby areas," said Kejriwal.

A PWD official, explaining the extension said, the construction of a subway on the existing Ashram flyover is also underway.

"At a point where the extended Ashram flyover joins the DND flyway, one arm will diverge towards Sarai Kale Khan and the traffic coming from ITO will also head towards the flyover. This will reduce the travel time between Noida and Ashram and will decongest the stretch between Ashram flyover and the DND flyway," said the official.

He said the PWD is also working on opening a U-turn under the new flyover to join the Maharani Bagh and Kilokri village stretch and avoid longer routes and travel time between the two.

"A rotary will be built on the narrow stretch between Kilokri and Maharani Bagh so that the traffic is not diverted towards Sarai Kale Khan. A pedestrian subway will also be constructed alongside the rotary," the official said.IANS 

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