The Weekend Leader - Twitter posts funny comments on Nithyananda's 'nation'

Twitter posts funny comments on Nithyananda's 'nation'

New Delhi


 Twitter users on Wednesday posted funny comments and memes regarding fugitive godman Nithyananda, who is said to have founded his own independent nation 'Kailaasa' near Ecuador in Latin America.

He is under probe for alleged involvement in criminal cases, including rape. #Kailaasa trended on Twitter with 10.4K tweets.

One user wrote: "You were made in a country. I made a new country. We are not the same bro. #Kailaasa".

Users also posted memes on the issue. One had pictures of fugitive business tycoon Vijaya Mallya and Nithyananda along with comments that while kids formed republic, adults took long vacations, the legends started a nation.

Another meme on similar lines said that while kids flee to Nepal, adults flee to UK, the legends make their own country.

One user asked: "What is the procedure to get visa?? Or is it on arrival?"

"Inspired by #Kailaasa, I am starting a new country. This is the flag of the kingdom," read another post which had a picture of a flag with an overflowing beer mug in the centre.

One Twitter user wrote: "In this nation, the sun rises in the afternoon or evening because sometimes Nithyananda forgets to give permission. So Kailaasa is the only country on the planet with infinite hours in a day."IANS 

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