The Weekend Leader - Reynolds' tweets praise over clipping of girl students singing 'Believer'

Reynolds' tweets praise over clipping of girl students singing 'Believer'

New Delhi


A video clipping of a group of schoolchildren rendering Imagine Dragon's popular song Believer has created quite a buzz on social media.

The well-synchronised singing by the girls' choir left people praising the effort. The band's lead singer Dan Reynolds also tweeted his praise.

A Twitter user posted the clipping a week ago and wrote: "Schools in India are singing Believer in morning assembly."

The post got 2.2K retweets and 9.3K likes.

Reynolds wrote on @DanReynolds: "So beautiful. Thank you for sharing this."

The fan replied back: "Thanks for replying. Big fan of your work."

One user conjectured that it was sung in the morning assembly. But another differed: "This is definitely St Charles School in Bengaluru. This is not assembly. Rather they are practising for their school function which was held last week."

When one user objected to the singing of the song in the morning assembly, one Twitter user posted: "People can find controversy in everything. Find religion in music. And I thought music has no language."-IANS

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