High-flying robber gang's chief arrested

New Delhi


 The leader of a gang of robbers based in Ahmedabad who used to fly to the country's metropolitan cities to rob people and return by air the same day to deceive police has been arrested, Delhi Police said on Tuesday.

Bharat Bhai Shodasa, 48, was arrested from Ahmedabad on May 18 while his five accomplices - Manoj, Uttam, Madhyam, Nikhil and Shashikant, all residents of Ahmedabad - were still at large, police said.

According to police, the gang carried out two separate robberies in October and November, last year, in Preet Vihar area of east Delhi and got away with cash and jewellery worth over Rs.1.5 crore.

"They used to target only metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad etc. They would travel by air and send their motorcycles via trucks once a particular target in a city was targeted. The gang would then zero in on their victim and rob him," a police officer said.

"They never used mobile phones during the operation and even had a team of advocates back in Ahmedabad who would fly down to any city if the gang was caught during the act," added the officer.

Shodasa was arrested after Delhi Police rummaged through the CCTV footage in and around the banks. After going through its records, police fund that Shodasa had been caught in a similar crime in 2013 in Delhi's Rajouri Garden area which led them to Ahmedabad. - IANS