The Weekend Leader - Twitterati sees Balakot-polls link

Twitterati sees Balakot-polls link

New Delhi


As the government on Wednesday informed the Rajya Sabha that inputs indicated attempts at reactivating terror camps at Balakot in Pakistan, the issue resonated on the Twitter too with many users linking it with coming Assembly elections in Delhi and Jharkhand.

One user said: "#MHA informs Parliament that attempts are being made to restart the #Balakot camp. The Army chief said in September that it had been already reactivated by Pakistan.

"But the truth is elections are coming in #Jharkand and #Delhi soon."

Another remarked: "Another Balakot is coming. Ooh, the Delhi election is also coming. Coincidence? I think not."

One user exhorted: "Eliminate every jihadi alive! Go Indian Army go!"

A Twitter post read: "As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly. Pakistan reportedly, is attempting #Balakot rebuild."

Another post read: "For everyone who's saying that there's an election, remember every year at least 4-5 state elections happen. So, should the government stop functioning? #Balakot".

One user saw the irony of the situation in the two countries: "On one hand the ISRO is achieving new milestones. On the other, Pakistan not learning from its mistakes, reactivating the Balakot terror camp. #Balakot #ISRO #Cartosat3."IANS

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