Dogs, horses, even sticks own land in Bihar: Malik



 In Bihar, land tracts were registered in the names of dogs, horses, even sticks, said its former Governor Satya Pal Malik, here on Tuesday.

Malik, who is currently serving as Governor of Goa, said unlike UP, the implementation of the Zamindari Abolition Act in the 1950s was poor in Bihar.

"The best implementation of the Zamindari Abolition Act was in UP. I was Governor in Bihar. What is to be said about it's implementation in Bihar. Land is recorded in the names of dogs and horses in Bihar, even in the name of sticks and what else. Even now some landlords have 4,000-5,000 bigha land. Revenue records are not in proper condition," Malik said during the 70th Constitution Day celebrations at the Goa University grounds.

Malik served as Governor of Bihar from September 30, 2017 to August 21, 2018. He was transferred to Goa in November this year, after an stint in Jammu and Kashmir.

Malik also complimented Chowdhury Charan Singh, former Chief Minister of UP, for efficient implementation of the Act.IANS