'Indian aid according to Nepal's priorities'

Anil Giri   |   Kathmandu


At a time when the donor community and the Nepalese government are on the edge over putting money in the government's fund for earthquake relief, one of the key donors, India, said on Saturday that it will lend support according to the Himalayan country's priorities.

India will pledge support according to Nepal's need for reconstruction and rehabilitation, Indian Ambassador to Nepal, Ranjit Rae said on Friday during a media interaction.

Nepal has assured Indian that it would prioritise its needs by June 10, the ambassador said, adding that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already made a commitment on this.

"We have the same rituals and traditions," Rae said. "We, hence, will support Nepal with a good sentiment."

Recalling that India extended its support within six hours of the great tremor on April 25, the envoy said New Delhi has already supplied at least 15,000 tonnes of relief material to Nepal.

He was of the opinion that India has not calculated the support in terms of monetary value.

The ambassador also suggested that the Nepali government should carry out relief distribution and reconstruction plans through the government system.

"The government has a strong and large network in districts and government needs what the requirements are. So it is better to go through the government channel and system," he said.

Other nations, people and companies also want to extend support to Nepal for its rehabilitation and reconstruction bid, said the envoy adding that they can also work according to the government's guidance and system. - IANS