DAE's check dam in Kancheepuram improves groundwater level



A check dam, funded by the Department of Atomic Energy, across the Palar river in Tamil Nadu's Kancheeuram district has been completed much ahead of schedule and started storing water, an official statement said on Friday.

In a statement issued here, the DAE said the Rs 32.50 crore check dam got completed and is storing water after the last month's rains.

The check dam construction work began early this year and was expected to be completed on or before March 2020.

The check dam has a length of 1,200 metres, is 1.50 metres high and a sub-surface dyke to a depth of 8 metres.

According to DAE, the check dam is storing water for a stretch of four km in Palar upstream resulting in improvement in groundwater levels and reduction in salinity in water in and around villages on Palar river bed.IANS 

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