Pune father-son kidnapped, held hostage for hours in Delhi



A businessman and his 11-year-old son from Pune, who had booked a cab through an app from New Delhi Railway Station for the Delhi airport, were kidnapped by the cab driver and his friends and held hostage for hours together before being dumped in the Kashmiri gate area.

The incident happened on November 1, but came to light after 15 days.

Sources told IANS on Friday that it was the father-son duo, who after being released by their captors, had informed the police at the New Delhi Railway Station.

The car in which the two were held hostage moved on Delhi roads through out the night, and forced to hand over their belongings and took away cash through their ATM cards.

The captors even took them to a house in East Delhi where the businessman's mobile phone was used to book cabs for other customers.IANS