Lava only long term player among Indian mobile brands: CMR

New Delhi


While the Chinese and South Korean brands dominate the Indian mobile market, the only Indian brand that is still in the fray is Lava, according to market research firm CyberMedia Research (CMR).

The nationwide mobile phone ecosystem assessment, covering both feature phones and smartphones, revealed that there is increasing consolidation among five mobile brands, that rank high for various parameters amongst key stakeholders, including customers, retailers and distributors.

Mobile phone brands, including the likes of Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, OPPO and Lava have been ranked highly by key stakeholders, on various parameters, such as brand loyalty, advocacy, preferences, product features, pricing, distribution and promotion.

"Across parameters, Lava has emerged as the only preferred Indian brand, rated highly by key stakeholder groups," said Satya Mohanty, Head- User Research Practice at CMR.

When it comes to feature phones, Samsung's consumers rank it the highest for reliability (97 per cent), followed by Lava (93 per cent), said the study.

Lava (97 per cent) followed by Samsung (93 per cent) users are the most satisfied with the battery life of their phone among all feature phone brands.

When it comes to smartphones, Samsung's consumers are most satisfied (97 per cent).

In terms of battery life, users of Xiaomi (98 per cent), Samsung (98 per cent), and OPPO (98 per cent) rate their phones the highest, the study said.