The Weekend Leader - BJP looks set to continue winning streak in Haryana, Maha

BJP looks set to continue winning streak in Haryana, Maha

New Delhi


The BJP on Monday looked set to maintain its winning streak in Maharashtra and Haryana, with the IANS-CVoter Exit Poll predicting a massive victory for the party in the Assembly elections in the two states where it is already in power.

The saffron party appeared headed for a landslide victory in Haryana and a win with a huge margin in Maharashtra along with its allies, including Shiv Sena, five months after the tremendous performance in Lok Sabha elections.

In Haryana, the BJP was projected to bag 66-74 seats in the 90-member Assembly, while Maharashtra appeared to be giving it a mandate of 198-222 seats in the 288-member House, according to the exit poll.

In the last Assembly elections held in 2014, the party had got 47 seats in Haryana and 185 seats in Maharashtra along with Shiv Sena.

The saffron party made a clean sweep in this year's Lok Sabha elections in Haryana, winning all the 10 seats at stake. In Maharashtra, the BJP-Shiv Sena coalition bagged 41 out of 48 Lok Sabha seats.

In the Assembly elections held on Monday, the Congress-led UPA seemed to be lagging way behind in both the states as the exit poll gave it only 3-12 seats in Haryana and 49-75 seats in Maharashtra.

Region wise in Haryana, the BJP appeared to have scored heavily in Ahirwal and Kurukshetra as the exit poll predicted its tally to be 21-24 at both places. In Jatland, the party was projected to bag 13-15 seats and in Bagar.

The UPA was predicted to get 2-4 seats in Jatland, 1-3 in Ahirwal, 0-3 in Kurukshetra and 0-2 in Bagar.

In terms of vote share, the BJP was predicted to get 42.4 per cent against 26 per cent of Congress and 19 per cent of Jannayak Janata Party (JJP), a breakaway faction of Indian National Lok Dal (INLD).

The BJP seemed to have got the maximum vote share of 48.1 per cent in Kurukshetra, followed by 44 per cent in Ahirwal, 37 per cent in Bagar and 35 per cent in Jatland.

The Congress appeared to have got 32.5 per cent in Jatland, 26.6 per cent in Ahirwal, 25.1 per cent in Bagar and 22.5 per cent Kurukshetra.

The JJP's vote share was predicted to be 25.4 per cent in Bagar region, followed by 19.8 per cent in Jatland, 17.5 per cent in Kurukshetra and 15.8 per cent in Ahirwal. The JJP was predicted to get 7 seats.

In Maharashtra, the BJP-led NDA seemed to have performed the best in Vidarbha region where it was projected to get 47-51 seats, followed by 42-46 in West Maharashtra, 30-34 in Konkan, 29-33 in Mumbai, 26-30 in Marathvada and 24-28 in North Maharashtra.

The UPA seemed to be getting the maximum of 21-25 seats in West Maharashtra, followed by 11-15 in Marathvada, 8-12 in North Maharashtra, 6-10 in Vidarbha, 3-7 in Konkon and 0-6 in Mumbai.

In terms of vote share, the NDA was predicted to grab 45.3 per cent while the UPA was expected to get 35.6 per cent.

Out of the NDA's vote share, 26.8 per cent seemed to be going for BJP and 18.5 per cent to its ally Shiv Sena.

The biggest vote share of 54.4 per cent for NDA seemed to be coming from Mumbai region, followed by 49.6 per cent in Konkon, 47.6 per cent in North Maharashtra, 43.5 per cent in West Maharashtra, 42.8 per cent in Vidarbha and 41.1 per cent in Marathvada.

Between UPA allies Congress and NCP, a vote share of 19.5 per cent seemed to be going towards the former and 16.1 per cent towards the latter.IANS 

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