The Weekend Leader - Pir's body exhumed by followers in Lahore, 8 held

Pir's body exhumed by followers in Lahore, 8 held



 Lahore police have arrested eight followers of a pir (faith healer), who had exhumed his body to shift it to some other city for shrine.

Baba Allah Ditta, a pir, had died in Shalimar area of the city some 45 years ago. His shrine was built in the Bhogiwal area of Lahore. The accused exhumed his body and took it to their house.

Lahore Deputy Superingtendent of Police (DSP), Atif Miraj said the accused wanted to build his mazar (shrine) in another city. Police recovered the body within one hour from a house in Gujjarpura.

Meanwhile, Gujarpur police also arrested three women on charges of exhuming the body.

The locals said that a Sindh resident Jameel, along with some other people, dug the grave and exhumed the Pir's body. Police arrested him while he was taking away the body, the locals added.

Police said that Jameel wanted to build a shrine of Allah Ditta in Sindh's Sakkhar area.

Police later put the mortal remains of Baba Allah Ditta back in Lahore grave after performing rituals. IANS 

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