The Weekend Leader - Rs 1.33 crore illegal cash seized in Gurugram

Rs 1.33 crore illegal cash seized in Gurugram



Haryana Police have seized an illegal cash of over Rs 1.33 crore from a car in Gurugram, the state election office said on Saturday.

It said this was the biggest ever cash seizure since the Model Code of Conduct has been implemented in the poll-bound state.

Joint Chief Electoral Officer Inder Jeet said so far the Income Tax Department, the police and the Excise Department have seized liquor, intoxicants and illegal cash of Rs 23.52 crore.

He said a total of over Rs 2.94 crore has been seized by the Income Tax Department.

Intoxicants of Rs 3.92 crore were seized by the police.

Haryana will go to the polls in a single phase for 90 assembly seats on October 21.IANS 

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