The Weekend Leader - Brexit deal delayed as MPs seek deferment of decision

Brexit deal delayed as MPs seek deferment of decision



 The Brexit deal agreed by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson with the European Union was delayed on Saturday after the parliamentarians voted for an amendment to defer a decision on the PM's deal.

The MPs voted through the Letwin amendment to delay Brexit until necessary UK legislation is passed, the BBC reported.

There were loud cheers at the People's Vote rally in Parliament Square as the Letwin was amendment passed in the House of Commons.

The Tory MPs left the Commons chamber en masse, following the government's loss over the Letwin amendment. According to a BBC report, just a few of them were left.

Johnson, however, insisted that he will not negotiate a delay with the EU even as the move by the MPs has forced him to ask the EU for another Brexit delay.

The development now implies that Parliament will not vote on Johnson's deal until next week.

The Letwin amendment was proposed by Oliver Letwin, an MP who was booted by Johnson out of the Conservative parliamentary party in September after he supported an anti-no-deal legislation known as the Benn Act.

The amendment, supported by the MPs on Saturday, calls for the House to "withhold support" from the UK PM's Brexit deal with the EU until all legislations needed to implement the bill are passed by Parliament as well.IANS 

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