What is Pakistan's chemistry with Congress, Modi asks

Gohana (Haryana)


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said under the Congress' misrule, no one was safe neither "jawans" nor farmers or sportspersons. Lashing out at the party for not supporting it on Balakot or Article 370 decisions, the Prime Minister asked "what sort of chemistry the Congress has with Pakistan".

"Pakistan uses the Congress to strengthen its case globally on issues against India," he said as he slammed the grand old party for not supporting its decision taken in the national interest.

"Whenever we talk of Swachh Bharat or surgical strike, the Congress gets stomach ache.

"And if by chance anyone says Balakot then Congress starts jumping with pain. Pakistan uses them to strengthen their case globally, what sort of chemistry is this?" he added.

Confident of his party BJP's return in the state, Modi said the Congress indulged in corruption in agriculture and did scams in sports.

He was addressing the public meeting in Gohana in Sonipat district of Haryana that will go to the polls for its 90 Assembly seats in a single phase on October 21.

In his 30-minute address, Modi didn't forget to remind the public that being a holiday on Monday owing to polling, an extended weekend, they should not miss the opportunity to exercise their franchise.

"Since October 21 is Monday, people will get two leaves -- Sunday (October 20) and Monday (October 21), the day polling will take place. You should remain present at their local booth and ensure huge turnout."

On the Centre's decision to abrogate Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, Modi said: "On August 5, the unexpected happened. Jammu and Kashmir saw a change it needed. No one could have imagined. India's Constitution in entirety became applicable in Jammu and Kashmir."

The Prime Minister said corruption was rampant in sports during Congress' rule.

Referring the number of athletes Sonipat has produced, he said, "This region has made India proud in every field, be it fighting in the wrestling ring or fighting against terrorism. Sonipat means Kisan, Jawan aur Pehlwan."

"The Congress can blame me as much as they want but people of this country are with me. I thank you all for the support."

Patting Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar's back, Modi said corruption was rampant during the Congress rule. Even in sports, there was corruption. "But it all changed after 2014. Since then the government has taken several steps in the field of sports."

"I tell the Congress, you can abuse me as much as you want, that is fine with me. Till people of India give me their blessings, none of your abuse will taint me," he added.IANS