The Weekend Leader - Is Skandagupta the next big icon of BJP?

Is Skandagupta the next big icon of BJP?



Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and its protege BJP are attempting to bring out the little known facts and personalities of Ancient Indian history. One such icon was emperor Skandgupta of the Gupta empire, who the BJP considers as a great nationalist and is now trying to bring out the details about him.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah inaugurated a two-day international seminar on the role of Gupta dynasty emperor Skandagupta at Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi on Thursday.

The Gupta period is known as the golden period of ancient Indian history and Skandagupta Vikramaditya is known as the Saviour of India as he successfully fought the battle against the invading Huns.

Extolling the greatness of Skandagupta, Shah said history has been unfair to Gupta period rulers.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also addressed the gathering. He said that there have been attempts to distort India's history by some historians.

During the Guptas rule, India achieved greatness in every field - social, political, economic, strategic and scientific, Yogi said.

Durgesh Shrivastava, a professor in Lucknow University said, "history of Skandagupta is great. He ascended the throne in 455 AD and ruled till 467 AD. During the 12 year rule, he not only defended the great culture of India but also from external aggression and defeated the Huns, who had invaded India from the north west."

"By defeating Pushyamitras during his initial years of ascendancy, Skandagupta proved his ability to rule and took upon himself the title of Vikramaditya. Yes, very few know our ancient history. This needs to be brought into public domain now," Shrivastava added.

Nimish Rai, professor of ancient history in Lucknow University, echoed Shrivastava's sentiments and added that the Huns were the most barbaric of the tribes from Central Asia. They had crossed the Hindukush range of mountains, won Kandahar and then invaded India. They came as far as the Indus river. But Skandagupta halted their march and chased them out of the country, according to Rai.

Rai said that Skandagupta was a great icon of ancient India and that is why the BJP is attempting to bring into the public domain the details about him so that the current generation will know about the nationalistic ethos which pervaded different kingdoms in ancient India.

Another historian present at the seminar said that the Mughals and the British made attempts to distort India's history. There are several icons who are the hidden treasures of the great Indian civilisation and the new generation must know about them.IANS

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