The Weekend Leader - Probe over controversial 'nude party' posters in Goa

Probe over controversial 'nude party' posters in Goa



Two racy posters circulating on social media, canvassing for a "nude party" involving foreign and Indian women and promising "unlimited sex" near Morjim beach in North Goa, has led to a police probe.

According to police sources, the Chief Minister's Office on Monday directed the Crime Branch of the Goa Police to probe the contents of the posters which have gone viral on social media.

"No offence has been registered yet, but we have started a preliminary probe. There is no date advertised on the poster and only one contact number. We are tracking the identity details of the person who owns the phone number," a Crime Branch official said on condition of anonymity. The official was also unwilling to rule out that the two posters could possibly be a social media prank.

When contacted, the phone number listed on the posters was switched off.

The two posters solicit "unlimited sex style and class with luxury and comfort", while offering "15 to 20 Foreigner Girls and 10 plus Indians".

It also advertises "skinny dipping" and unlimited food and liquor to accompany "unlimited sex".

The Congress while demanding a probe said, that Goa was being transformed from a sin city due to casinos into a "living hell".

"The Congress has been saying that Goa has been reduced to a sin city due to casinos. Now with activities like those advertised in the posters, we appear to be in a living hell," Congress spokesperson Trajano D'Mello said.IANS 

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