The Weekend Leader - Pak behaviour is an aberration: Jaishankar

Pak behaviour is an aberration: Jaishankar

New Delhi


 External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar on Tuesday said that Pakistan only offers nice words on fighting cross border terrorism, but does nothing in terms of dismantling the terror network.

To a question on talking with Pakistan, with the Pakistani establishment stating that it has offered dialogue to India but to no avail, Jaishankar said: "Part of the problem is that Pakistan is only doing talking. It has not been doing anything other than this.

"They think that nice words are an answer to the real problem, and the real problem is the dismantlement of this industry (cross border terror) that they have created.

"The question is not whether what what can you talk about... it's not an India issue. Show me a country in the world that can accept that it's neighbour can conduct terrorism and then it will go and talk to them.

"Our position is completely normal, rational. They are the set of people whose behaviour is an aberration," he said. IANS 

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