The Weekend Leader - Delhi govt to provide coaching to IAS aspirants in Urdu

Delhi govt to provide coaching to IAS aspirants in Urdu

New Delhi


 Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday asked the Urdu Academy of Delhi government to coach IAS aspirants in Urdu, a step towards making the language a means to develop careers.

The announcement came after Sisodia, also the Minister for Art, Culture and Languages, interacted with toppers of the Urdu subject hailing from various universities from Delhi.

During the event, Sisodia spoke about the vitality of Urdu as a subject and its career prospects in various domains.

The government, in a statement, said there was a general concern around students not preferring Urdu as their medium due to the lack of study material provided in the language, in their respective colleges.

Another concern around Urdu not being a favoured stream of study amongst students and scholars alike was the collective perception that it's not a job-oriented stream.

Also, a number of aspirants of Urdu subject commented on the diminishing importance of the subject in the career domain.

"Urdu Academy should start providing coaching to interested students," said Sisodia.

He said the academy should coach IAS aspirants in Urdu subjects.

"Study material in Urdu will soon be made available to students who want to write their papers in the medium. In the way English and Hindi are treated as the standard language of teaching and study, Urdu language will also be treated at par with them." Sisodia said. IANS 

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