The Weekend Leader - LG may revive tablet business with 'G Pad 5'

LG may revive tablet business with 'G Pad 5'



With what could purportedly be called the "G Pad 5", South Korean tech major LG might be looking to revive its tablet business, two years after getting out of the game.

Not only has LG been out of the tablet game for over two years, but the Snapdragon 821 chipset just seems too old to even be available at this point of time.

However, references to the G Pad 5 and LM-T600, code named TF10, have been creeping up all over the place, GSMArena reported on Saturday.

Another tablet LM-T600 has received a radio certification by National Radio Research Agency (RRA) in South Korea. It was also spotted in a recent kernel source code upload entry on the LG's servers.

The LG "G Pad 5" packs in hardware that's inferior to the Galaxy Tab S4 2018, but is somewhat competitive with the Galaxy Tab S5e, according to XDA Developers.IANS 

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