Delhi BJP chief urges Kejriwal to reconsider odd-even scheme

New Delhi


Opposing the odd-even scheme for cars to be implemented in November, Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari on Saturday wrote to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal urging him to reconsider the move as it would cause problems for the people.

In his letter, Tiwari said that the move is an insult to the citizens who follow laws and get the pollution check done.

He said the decision to re-implement the scheme speaks volumes for the "inability" of the Delhi government to come up with any scientific and reasonable measures to fight air pollution.

"This is merely a gimmick to divert the attention of Delhiites from core issues as the AAP government has substantially failed to deliver," Tiwari said.

He alleged that the Kejriwal government wants to use taxpayers' money on advertisements for its own publicity.

"I am writing to you, with great anguish over your government's decision to introduce odd-even policy in Delhi once again in the month of November. The decision has been taken without a proper thought. This had created so many problems for Delhiites the last time it was done," he wrote.

In the interest of the people of Delhi, the Delhi BJP chief urged Kejriwal "to rethink over this decision of implementing odd-even scheme and kindly spare Delhiites unnecessary hassles they would be subjected to with this move".

Kejriwal on Friday announced the relaunch of the odd-even scheme in Delhi between November 4 and 15, as a measure against the high level of pollution in the city due to crop stubble burning in neighbouring states in winter. IANS