The Weekend Leader - Yogi calls for mass campaign against single-use plastic

Yogi calls for mass campaign against single-use plastic



Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday called for a mass campaign against single-use plastic across the state.

While inaugurating the first ropeway in the state here, that will be operated by an all-woman team connecting Kamadgiri Parikrama Marg with Lakshman Pahari, he said that plastic is a major factor in causing cancer and can affect environmental protection and forest protection. Along with Chitrakoot, every village and town in UP should become plastic-free.

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi started 'Mission Swachh Bharat' that has brought a big change in people's attitude . Swami Vivekananda also spoke about the Swachhta Seva Mission while delivering a historic speech at the World Parliament in Chicago in 1893," Yogi told the media.

"Today I am also connected with the Kamadgiri parikrama sanitation service. Plastic is a repository of diseases. Every person in society should discard plastic. Hoardings on the circumambulation route, and gutka should also be banned," he added.

Yogi told officials that, "there is a big problem of plastic on hoardings here. Do not place hoardings in a public place at all. The administration should take a strict stance. Sale of gutka, khaini and food on the parikrama route should be banned. This will increase sanitation."IANS 

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