The Weekend Leader - 'BJP endorses Gandhi's principle on cow slaughter'

'BJP endorses Gandhi's principle on cow slaughter'



The BJP will follow Mahatma Gandhi's teachings as far as the principle on cow slaughter is concerned, Union Minister for Coal and Mines Pralhad Joshi said on Monday.

When asked whether the BJP-ruled Karnataka would implement a law on cow slaughter, including sale and possession of beef, Joshi said, that it depended on the "feelings" of the people of Karnataka.

The Karnataka BJP's cow protection cell last week had submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa demanding a ban on cow slaughter in the southern state.

Joshi, a Lok Sabha MP from Karnataka, said that the BJP was against cow slaughter and reiterated that the saffron party's position mirrored that of Mahatma Gandhi.

"We endorse the stand of Mahatma Gandhi," Joshi said.

When asked if the ban on cow slaughter was likely to come through in Karnataka, the Union Minister said: "Cow slaughtering ban has been there in many states. In Karnataka, it is yet to be decided, but if it is decided also, it will be as per the feelings of many people in Karnataka."

The issue of a prospective ban on beef in Karnataka is significant for Goa as the tourist-friendly state sources the majority of its beef supply from Karnataka.

Goa, which is frequented by half a million foreign tourists every year and has a resident population of nearly five million minorities, consumes nearly 600 tons of beef per month.IANS 

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