The Weekend Leader - PM congratulates Priyavrata for passing 'Maha Pariksha'

PM congratulates Priyavrata for passing 'Maha Pariksha'

New Delhi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday congratulated Priyavrata for becoming the youngest student to pass the Maha Pariksha examinations.

"Excellent! Congratulations to Priyavrata for this feat. His achievement will serve as a source of inspiration for many," the Prime Minister tweeted while replying to a tweet by Chamu Krishna Shastry, an Indian language activist who has been working for the revival of Sanskrit.

Shastry, tagged the Prime Minister in a tweet that said: "History was created yesterday by 16-year-old Priyavrata s/o Aparna and Devadatta Patil, while studying Veda and Nyaya from his father, he studied all Vyakarana Maha Granthas from Sri Mohana Sharma, passed 14 levels of Tenali Pariksha, Youngest to pass the Maha Pariksha.

The Tenali examination have 14 levels and is taken twice a year by the students studying the "Shastras".IANS 

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