CBI's tough stance making Mamata scared: BJP



Refuting West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's claim that the Centre was using central agencies to harass her party leaders, state Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief Dilip Ghosh, here on Wednesday, said her words showed that she was scared.

He wondered why Banerjee was repeatedly talking about jail and investigating agencies if she and her party leaders were innocent.

Referring to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) summons to several state ministers and Trinamool Congress leaders, the TMC supremo on Wednesday claimed the BJP government at the Centre was trying to capture Bengal by abusing the agencies as the TMC was fighting against its atrocities.

"Other political leaders are not afraid, and are not talking about jail. She keeps saying a conspiracy is being hatched to kill her or send her to jail. Her manner of speaking makes it apparent that she nurtures some fear," Ghosh said.

People here suspected that the 'cut-money' was passed on to the top of the TMC leadership, Ghosh said.

"She must be feeling if the officers can reach P. Chidambram, they can easily reach Kalighat (Banerjee's residence). The prevalent corruption in the state and tough steps being taken by the CBI have made her afraid," he claimed.

If the agencies had facts and proofs, they had full right to summon anyone from across the country, the BJP leader said.

"Narendra Modi was questioned by officials for hours when he was Chief Minister. Amit Shah was questioned and even the case was shifted from Gujarat to Mumbai High Court. We were not worried. We fought it in the court. Innocent should have faith in the law," Ghosh said.

On Banerjee's remark that her party would not bow to any communal force, Ghosh said the BJP didn't want anyone to bow. Opposition leaders in other states were not feeling scared like Banerjee, he added.

Referring to Banerjee's comment that the Centre had silenced people's voice on Kashmir by using brute force, Ghosh said no one was stopped from protesting. "Even at Parliament, they could not oppose removal of Article 370. They don't have any valid point," he said. IANS