India-Kazakh joint military exercise from Aug 31

New Delhi


A 14-day joint military exercise between India and Kazakhstan with emphasis on counter-terrorism operations in the mountainous terrain will begin on August 31.

The exercise, named KAZIND 2019, will be held in Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand. Nearly 100 soldiers each from India and Kazakhstan will participate in the event.

The exercise will allow both the armies an opportunity to share experiences gained during counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations. The exercise is expected to boost defence co-operation and foster bilateral ties.

According to the army, the exercise will include company-level joint training in counter-terrorism operations and the participants will get an opportunity to engage on emerging trends in global terrorism and hybrid warfare.

KAZIND 2019, the fourth edition of the annual event, is held alternatively in India and Kazakhstan.

In 2018, the third edition of the exercise was held in Otar Mil area of Kazakhstan. Contingents of army personnel from both countries had been trained in tactical drills necessary for encountering urban warfare and on increasing interoperability between them in the third edition. IANS