The Weekend Leader - TMC has unleashed organised violence in Bengal: Sovan

TMC has unleashed organised violence in Bengal: Sovan



The Trinamool Congress (TMC) is launching "organised violence" on the political opposition in West Bengal and the situation is far worse than the Left Front regime, according to Sovan Chatterjee, who quit the TMC recently to join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Chatterjee, the former Kolkata Mayor and a Minister in the Mamata Banerjee government, said, here on Tuesday, he didn't take part in any political activity in the past eight months as he was fed up. The TMC would not win the 2021 Assembly polls, he added.

"I stopped my political activities since the last eight months as I was fed up with the situation in the TMC. I have been amazed at the welcoming behaviour of the BJP leadership here. I am ready to play any role for the party," Chatterjee said after formally inducted by the BJP.

"The TMC came to power in Bengal as the usher of change from the misrule and atrocities of the Left Front. But they have unleashed organised violence on the opposition, not seen even during the Left rule," he said.

Noting that the BJP-led NDA had played a big part in the TMC's rise, Chatterjee said the party didn't return the favour to the party workers since coming to power. Born in 1998, the TMC would not have been here without the NDA support, he said and added, but since it came to power in 2011 the BJP workers' life was at stake, he said.

Referring to Chatterjee as a veteran politician, state BJP chief Dilip Ghosh said senior TMC leaders were leaving the party because it had lost people's faith.

"When senior leaders and people's representatives like Sovanda leaves the party, it's painful for them as they were there from the beginning of the party. But it proves that the TMC has lost people's faith," Ghosh said. IANS 

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