The Weekend Leader - India's art community to discuss antiquities Act

India's art community to discuss antiquities Act

New Delhi


A two-day conference examining the Antiquities and Art Treasures Act, 1972, enacted to prevent smuggling and fraudulent dealings in Indian antiquities, will be opened here on Friday.

The conference titled "Art Laws of India" will seek to de-construct the Act that governs the movement of Indian art objects within and outside the country. Its mandate also extends to the compulsory acquisition and preservation of objects, perceived as important to the nation, in public places.

"Attempts at amending the Act since its inception have been unsuccessful, making parts of it archaic. It's in the dire need of modification to adhere to contemporary realities," the organiser Piramal Museum of Art said.

The conference is curated by Pramod Kumar KG, curator and co-founder of Eka Archiving, a museum advisory firm.

Government agencies, academics, archaeologists, journalists, curators, representatives of religious institutions, legal experts, art dealers and heads of private museums, collections and art institutions are expected to take part in the event. IANS 

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