The Weekend Leader - 'BJP should offer 200 units of free power in Haryana, Maharashtra'

'BJP should offer 200 units of free power in Haryana, Maharashtra'

New Delhi


Refuting the claims of the opposition, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday said he has not announced 200 units of free electricity for residents of the national capital with an eye on the Assembly polls even as he dared the BJP to do the same in Haryana and Maharashtra where elections are due.

Speaking to people who went to his house to thank him for making 200 units of electricity free of charge in Delhi, Kejriwal also said that if the BJP adopts similar steps in the states where it is ruling, he himself will ask people to vote for the saffron party.

"Congress and BJP are confused if they should support the announcement or oppose it. While a few of them are saying it is a good step, others are saying it is Kejriwal's election stunt. I want to say there will be elections soon in Haryana and Maharashtra, they (BJP governments in the states) can also do the same," Kejriwal said.

The Chief Minister said the electricity has been made free as he believes that water and electricity are one of the basic needs for the poor living in the city.

"It is important for survival. The decision of making 200 units of electricity free has been taken as the poor who cannot afford the electricity can also use some power for basic needs like lights and fans."

Praising his own government and steps taken by it, he said Delhi has been able to take such a step as the people elected "an honest government that is saving money and using it for people".

Last week, Kejriwal announced that people in the national capital will not have to pay anything for consuming up to 200 units of power per month.

Addressing the people on Sunday, Kejriwal said the BJP should make it clear if they are supporting or opposing the free electricity announcement.

"If they support it, their governments in states where they are in power should also take a similar step. If they do this, I will ask you to vote for them," he said.

While the tenure of Kejriwal is ending in February, 2020, Haryana and Maharashtra will go to the polls later this year. IANS 

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