The Weekend Leader - Runaway Indian boy in Sharjah returns home

Runaway Indian boy in Sharjah returns home



A 15-year-old Indian boy, who sneaked out of his home in Sharjah over two weeks ago after apparently being scolded by his mother, returned home to his family here on Friday.

Mohammed Pervez left his home in Sharjah's Muweilah area on July 4. It is believed that the boy got upset with his mother who chided him from watching a show on YouTube and snatched his smartphone.

Sharjah Police, with support from police authorities in Ajman, found the boy walking about aimlessly in a residential area in Ajman, the Khaleej Times reported.

Pervez was reunited with his family in the wee hours of Friday. "I missed my family when I was gone," the boy told the daily and added that he "won't do it again".

Details of how exactly Pervez ended up in Ajman are sketchy.

According to Gulf News, Pervez spent two weeks in hiding at an Ajman villa shared by bachelors before being dramatically found. He said he had been living with a group of Pakistani masons in Ajman's Al Hamidya suburbs.

"I made a mistake and I am sorry for putting my family though this," he said.

The boy's mother, Tusi Parveen, hardly being able to hold tears of excitement in getting her son back, said: "We are so grateful to Allah for bringing him back." 

Pervez's father Mohammad Aftab Alam found himself struggling to contain his joy. "All praise to Almighty Allah for safely returning our son. This is the happiest day of my life," he said.

His sister Sana Anjum (12), Asiya Aftab (8), and Alsafa Aftab (6) said: "We are so happy Pervez bhaiya is back."

The boy's father said that after sneaking out of their house in the wee hours of July 4, Pervez picked up a neighbour's bicycle and pedalled away, according to Gulf News.

"Somewhere on the way he abandoned the bicycle at a fuel station and then walked towards the direction of Ajman where he met Pakistani marble fitters who helped him. 

"The Child Protection Department has advised us not to confront Pervez or ask him about the sequence of events as he's under tremendous stress so we are taking one thing at a time," Alam said.

Sharjah Police spokesperson Captain Ahmed Al Hammadi said the boy had been identified by locals in Ajman. They immediately informed the Ajman Police about the location of the boy and also provided them with a picture.

The Ajman Police rushed to the location and managed to find the boy. They then informed officials at the Sharjah Police Station where the missing report had been filed. 

Sharjah Police officials then informed the parents and then went to take custody of the boy. IANS 

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