The Weekend Leader - Half glass water policy in UP Assembly

Half glass water policy in UP Assembly



 Keeping in mind the drinking water crisis that has been predicted by several agencies within the decade, the Uttar Pradesh Assembly has decided to follow the 'half glass water' policy in order to prevent wastage of water.

In an order that has been implemented with immediate effect, Principal Secretary of the Vidhan Sabha Pradeep Dubey has said that half-filled glasses of water should be served in all offices and canteens.

"Most people tend to leave water in glasses, hence, only half filled glasses of water will be served and those who want more can ask for it," he said.

The order, sources said, would increase the work pressure on fourth class employees, especially during summer months, since majority of the people consume more water and those serving it will have to be ready with second helpings.

It may be recalled that several restaurants, especially in Maharashtra, have already implemented the half glass water policy to conserve water. IANS

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