Official arrested for fire in PICUP building



 A senior manager in the technical section of the Pradeshiya Industrial and Investment Corporation of Uttar Pradesh office, has been arrested for allegedly triggering a fire in his chamber earlier this month.

Police officers who took N.K. Singh into custody from his home on Wednesday night, said they had evidence that his activities were "suspicious" on the day the fire broke out. 

In a major fire that broke out on the second floor of PICUP Bhawan on July 3, important files, computers and furniture were gutted. 

The fire broke out a day ahead of the audit that was to be carried out in some departments.

A committee formed by the Chief Minister to look into the causes of the fire submitted its report to the government on basis of which an FIR was registered by PICUP's HRD Deputy Manager Richa Bhargava against an unidentified person. 

Gomti Nagar circle officer Avnishwar Chandra Srivastava said: "N.K. Singh is seen in a CCTV camera standing in front of the check-out machine, but not punching his card." IANS