Haryana school students start sit-ups to sharpen brain



A government school in Haryana on Monday started a brain-teaser exercise on a pilot basis at the morning prayer session in which the students will do 14 sit-ups everyday.

And if the results after a year-long mandatory exercise for students of Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan School in Bhiwani are positive, the exercise will be made mandatory in all government schools in the state.

"Since it is a scientifically proven fact that doing this exercise helps increase one's brain efficiency, we started this today from a school," Haryana School Education Board Secretary Rajeev Parshad said.

According to him, this exercise is a 'super brain yoga' and should not to be treated as punishment.

Its impact on the students will be monitored periodically.

The school has been roped in by the National Brain Research Centre in Gurugram and Haryana Yog Parishad, under whose supervision the process would be conducted scientifically. IANS