Bengali actor's car hit by drunken men at night



 The series of late-night menace on Kolkata streets continued as Bengali actor Jeetu Kamal's car was hit by another vehicle near Panchasayar in the city's southern outskirts and he was subjected to verbal abuse and threats by the drunken occupants of the vehicle.

Kamal, who is a popular television actor, was returning home after a late night shoot from Patuli on Thursday. He shared his ordeal on social media, keeping the Kolkata police in the loop.

"It was around 1.25 a.m. when I was driving towards EM Bypass, a car bumped into mine and drove away. The intensity was so high that some parts of their car broke open and my car almost went inside the bush. After this I followed the car and saw the car had stopped nearby," the actor said in a Facebook post.

He said this particular area was known for these kinds of drunken men taking over the roads, as he had experienced a similar incident a few months back.

"After that, I followed the car. Addressing them as 'Sir' I tried talking to them but realised both were in an inebriated state. They started showering filthy abuses on me and tried pulling something from the underneath the seat and threatened me. I don't know if they had some weapon or hockey sticks," Kamal said.

"I told them I have their car number but they were least bothered and told me to do whatever I want".

The actor, who has worked in Bengali films, expressed his astonishment over the role played by the Kolkata Police as he had immediately contacted the Lalbazar headquarters, but the miscreants escaped. 

"I waited for 30 minutes before the police arrived. I am not sure they were from which police station as I got several calls. Some of them asked me to go home and the ones who arrived said they cannot enter the building as security persons manned the gate," he pointed out.

Kamal also shared the pictures of his damaged cars on his social media account.

"The police assured action but I wonder why weren't the two immediately held for drunk driving. They could have easily got CCTV footage," he said.

Earlier, this month a reckless biker dragged traffic cop Tapan Orang nearly 100 metres while the biker tried to flee from him after hitting a pedestrian at night.

Last month, former Miss India Universe Ushosi Sengupta's app-cab driver was harassed by some young bikers.

Later in the month, a city-based professional boxer, Suman Kumari, was abused and assaulted by a youth in the middle of the road.

In all three cases, the complainant did get help from the police but no immediate action was taken.

Both Sengupta and Kamal said that these men seemed to have 'no fear' of law and the city's ambience is becoming fearful for common people. IANS