Iranian Islamic art on exhibition in Delhi

New Delhi


 To mark 70 years of diplomatic relations between India and Iran, an exhibition brings Iranian handicrafts, calligraphy, pottery, metal works and photographs to Delhi.

The three-day exhibition organised by Iran Cultural House is currently open at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) here. It showcases specimens of key Iranian Islamic art oeuvre.

The extensive show aims to introduce traditional crafts of the country, and find common denominators with India.

On view are works of Minakari or enamelling, which is the decoration of metal or tile with brilliantly-coloured glaze. The technique was invented by ancient Iranian craftspeople, and it then spread to other countries, including India.

Many of the works have a intricately-designed blue glaze.

'Sofalgari' or unglazed baked earthenware -- also called 'biscuit pottery' -- is also on display at the exhibition.

Examples of coppersmithery, called 'megsari', find space in the exhibition as well. 'Samavars', or metal utensils to boil tea in most PersianAhomes, can also be seen.

Islamic art enthusiasts can also see 'khatam kari' work which is a technique of incrustation, and 'moaragh' or wood inlaying.

The exhibition closes Friday. IANS