iPhone 6 bending in pockets, say users



Have you bought the new Apple iPhone 6? Check if it bends in your pocket.

According to media reports, more iPhone 6 users are complaining on various social media platforms that the new "iPhone 6" and "iPhone 6 Plus" chassis bend in their trouser pockets.

The chassis of these smartphones is milled from a solid piece of aluminium alloy whose composition has been kept secret.

The weak area of the smartphone appears to be around the volume buttons, where the frame is at its thinnest and creates a fulcrum point around which the phone bends, the Guardian reported.

The screen, however, does not break when the phone bends.

Refuting the claims, SquareTrade, a firm that offers extended warranties on products, said the new iPhones were the most robust yet in "breakability" rating.

"Both the new iPhones are bigger and more durable than any (iPhone model) before them," the SquareTrade spokesman said in the YouTube video.

However, previous models also drew similar complaints.

The larger and thinner the smartphone, the more likely it is to be damaged by being carried in the pocket under tension, the report added. - IANS

Video of Marc Cieslak from BBC Click doing a test on the phone